My name is Dipen Lathi (Dave) and I am a practicing Chartered Accountant in Mumbai. Maa Varahi at Chanasma is our Kuldevi.

I had time and again searched the internet for any reference to our Kuldevi or the Maa Varahi temple in Chanasma with the intention of learning more about the history of the temple and our Maa Varahi. Sadly, I could not find any resources on the internet.

On a visit to the temple in December 2011, I requested the pujari of the temple, the young Shri Kishanpuri Gopalpuri Goswamiji to help me out with the history of the temple as well as the significance of the many idols within the premises of the temple.

Shri Kishanpuri Gopalpuri Goswamiji kindly consented and also promised to speak with his father the senior pujari and send me a written history of the temple. History of the temple section of this website gives a verbatim account (in English) of the historical details that I received from him and Shri Radheyshyam Purshottam Vyas. I am eternally thankful to both of them for enlightening me on the subject.

However, there are still many unanswered questions about the temple like:

  1. The approximate construction dates of the temple,
  2. The significance of the presence of various idols like Shri Yaksha Bhagwan, Shri Baliya Dev, Shri Kaal Bahirav and Shri Batuk Bhairav, Shri Sapta Matruka, etc.,
  3. The inscription on the altar at the feet of Ma Varahi,
  4. The carving/idol below Shri Shitla Mataji’s idol,
  5. The Significance of Shri Panchmukhi Hanumanji Bhagwan,
  6. The unique idol of Shri Vishnu Bhagwan with Shri Brahma Dev and Shri Mahesh Dev,
  7. Was the Shri Vishnu Bhagwan idol desecrated by invaders like Mohamed Begda as was the practice at that time?


I humbly request visitors to this website to please share their knowledge about the temple and the various idols. This will enable me to update the website and the knowledge you have can be shared by many others like me who have the desire to know more about our Maa Varahi and this temple. I will post updates as and when I receive further information and  acknowledge any information made available by the visitors with their names on this website.

I also request the visitors to kindly point out any errors or inaccuracies noticed in the  descriptions of the idols so these can be corrected.

Please, do share your knowledge and information for the benefit of all.

This site is put up only to share knowledge about the temple and enable our brothers and sisters living in foreign lands or elsewhere in India to have a darshan of the our Ma Varahi.

This is not an official site of the Ma Varahi temple and we do not collect any donations. Please contact the temple trust directly or the Kaudinya Gotri Seva Parivar Trust for making any offerings. Their contact information is given on this website in the section Temple contacts.

Your comments, suggestions and any information you can share are most welcome. Please feel free to E-mail me at dipenlathi@gmail.com


Thank you.